Green Office® Meudon News

Mission accomplished for Green Office® Meudon: the first world-class positive-energy building

Green Office® Meudon has kept its promise. In its first year of operation, it produced more energy from renewable sources than it consumed*, proof of its ten-year head start on the 2020 thermal regulation.

9/11/2012 Green Office Meudon by night. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architectes; Credits: Graphix Images 9/11/2012 Green Office Meudon by night. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architectes; Credits: Graphix Images

With a total net floor area of 23,300 m², Green Office® Meudon is the first large scale positive-energy office building in France. Designed by Bouygues Immobilier and subsequently acquired by Scor, it has hosted 1,250 Steria France employees since July 2011. The building is operated and maintained by Exprimm under the terms of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which provides guarantees on energy consumption and production according to pre-set conditions of use.

The annual energy consumption of Green Office® Meudon

The data collected by Si@go, a software application specifically developed by Bouygues Immobilier and Steria, shows that annual generation and consumption exceeds forecasts:

  • the differential between energy production and consumption stands at 9% vs. a theoretical forecast of 3%. 
  • Annual energy generation came to 76.9 kWh/m² vs. 64 kWh/m² projected at the outset.   Production by the cogeneration plant trended in line with consumption whereas power contributed by the photovoltaic panels was 12% higher than theoretical calculations.
  • All-purpose energy consumption* stood at 70.8 kWh/m²annually compared with theoretical consumption of 62 kWh/m². Excluding heating, which overran significantly, consumption for other purposes was in line with forecasts, or lower than estimated for some items. 

* consumption from regulatory usages (heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, lighting, auxiliary equipment and circulating fans) along with office appliances, lifts, car parks, etc.

Action is even now being taken to improve the energy performance of the building in its second year. Improved network segmentation will first and foremost make it possible to manage heating zone by zone more accurately. Heating programmes will also be optimised to capitalise better on the building's thermal inertia.

The building's comfort scores similarly met targets. For example, thanks to its natural ventilation system, Green Office® Meudon offered occupants a comfortable summer environment without using an active air-conditioning system. The maximum temperature, which was reached during the hot spells of August, was 27°C, with a perceived temperature of 25°C thanks to the effects of circulating fans.

In the words of Olivier Vallet, CEO of Steria France: "This first year's performance has been an overwhelming success. Green Office® has delivered on its pledges. I'm proud to offer our employees the possibility of working in a high-quality environment, at the leading edge of innovation and in keeping with our corporate values."

"We are extremely satisfied with the performance of Green Office® Meudon in its first year. These results endorse the efficiency of its business model and encourage us to continue developing the concept. Five new Green Offices® are in the pipeline. Two are already under way, in Rueil-Malmaison and Nanterre," specified Eric Mazoyer, Deputy CEO of Bouygues Immobilier.