What can Green Office® do for you?

The advantages of Green Office® for investors

Investing in a positive-energy Green Office® is a secure choice because the pioneering buildings are certified to exacting standards and building charges are guaranteed. These are compelling reasons on an increasingly tense commercial property market. 

Green Office® Spring Origin from the Port street. Architector : Cabinet Quadrifiore. Credits: Anawa

More attractive, state-of-the-art office buildings

With slower demand in the commercial property market, businesses and investors are becoming more exacting in their investment decisions. 
Companies choose to relocate for several reasons – to bring together office locations, respond to mergers or restructuring, reduce the workforce and office space, and cut overall workstation costs. The decision to relocate to a new building is increasingly guided by low building charges, energy performance and flexible surface areas
Developed by Bouygues Immobilier, Green Office® is a brand of pioneering positive-energy buildings which combine energy performance with user comfort. Producing more energy than they consume, using mainly renewable energy, these office buildings have been awarded the most exacting environmental certification (HQE® High Environmental Quality, BBC-effinergie for commercial buildings, BREEAM, etc.). Anticipating future thermal and energy regulations, Green Office® buildings provide the assurance of a long-term property investment.
Boasting high standards of architectural quality, the buildings are designed to ensure the highest level of comfort for occupants, in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation as well as ergonomic work space. Special focus is placed on the common areas, which feature planted terraces, green walls, huge lobbies and high-quality amenities.

The green staircase in the large lobby of Green Office® Meudon. Credits: Graphix Images

Guaranteed level of building charges

Software is used to constantly monitor the building’s energy consumption and production. Green Office® buildings can incorporate an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which sets an accurate amount of building charges depending on the building’s energy efficiency. The operator can guarantee all the owner’s operating and maintenance costs, as well as energy consumption and production levels, in accordance with predefined conditions of use and occupancy.
This is also a major advantage for tenants, who sign longer leases if the rent includes fixed, guaranteed building charges. It also reduces the risk of vacancies.

Green Office® Meudon. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architectes; Credits: Eric Sempé

Costed energy efficiency

In 2011 Bouygues Immobilier inaugurated its first Green Office® building in Meudon, south of Paris. Sold to Scor and let to Steria, the European leader in IT-enabled business solutions, the building incorporated the first Energy Performance Contract signed with a private partner, for a period of nine years. The building was awarded BBC-effinergie® low-energy certification, BREEAM Excellent certification and the HQE® High Environmental Quality label and won a Pyramide d’Argent for innovation from the French Property Developers Federation (FPI) in 2011.

True to its promise

After one year in operation, Green Office®  has lived up to its name. The positive-energy building produced 76.9 kWh/m²/year and consumed just 70.8 kWh/m²/year.