Energy performance

A positive-energy building, Green Office® Spring will produce more energy than it will consume for its operation, using mainly renewable energy.

Green Office Spring Origin, cutting-edge technology for all: 6,500 m² of roof-top photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery, hot water produced for the canteen by solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling (4 heat pumps), sun shades to control the amount of sunlight entering the offices, etc. Credits: Illusio

Photovoltaic panels

Green Office® Spring will feature 6,500 m2 of rooftop photovoltaic panels. They will help to produce around 1,150,000 kWh fe/year and thereby offset the building’s energy consumption for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, lighting, domestic hot water, etc.

Geothermal energy and fan convectors

At Green Office® Spring, a reversible heat pump system will produce heating and cooling. Highly energy-efficient fan convectors also satisfy the building’s heating and cooling requirements. 

The Building Management System (BMS) monitors the technical installations to ensure the comfort of occupants. The BMS informs employees each day about how to save energy and controls energy use and production using a large number of measurements.

Energy savings mean lower building charges

The energy cost savings for Spring’s user are estimated at €16.50/m2 net floor area/year.