A tailored building

Designed to adapt to users’ needs, Green Office® Spring features a highly functional organisation. Whichever format is chosen, the focus is on optimising work surface with a fully flexible layout. Space is optimised to help to save time when moving about.

Green Office® Spring offers its users extremely pleasant and efficient office space spread over four to five floors of approximately 7,000 m2 each (depending on the surface area required). The office space will be around 13.30 metres to 18.50 metres wide depending on the format chosen and the layout is fully modular in accordance with organisational needs. Office space can be fitted out, partitioned or open-plan. Irrespective of the format, the users will be able to control the temperature inside the workplace and the lighting whenever they want. 

Pleasant and efficient office spaces. Credits: Illusio

Choose the size of your building!

Green Office® Spring in Nanterre can be tailored according to size, the number of employees and the requirements of the future occupant.

  • Green Office® Spring Origin: 30,000 m2 net floor area/2,150 people
  • Green Office® Spring Extend: 36,000 m2 net floor area/XXX people
  • Green Office® Spring Advance: approx. 44,000 m2 net floor area/ 3,900 people


Bioclimatic architecture

Green Office® Spring is designed to favour natural light and thermal comfort. Part of the building’s over-roof is made of photovoltaic panels. The glazing has been optimised to provide natural daylight for the office space. The façades feature moving sun shades to control the amount of sunlight entering the offices.

The building envelope provides reinforced insulation, thanks in particular to double-glazing. A dual-flow ventilation system recovers the natural calories present in the air.

Green Office® Spring also features a rainwater recovery system to water the grounds and supply water for the bathrooms.

 Green Office Spring Origin, cutting-edge technology for all: 6,500 m² of roof-top photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery, hot water produced for the canteen by solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling (4 heat pumps), sun shades to control the amount of sunlight entering the offices, glazing optimised to provide natural daylight for the office space, the building envelope provides reinforced insulation, a dual-flow ventilation system recovers the natural calories present in the air, etc. Credits: Illusio

An ideal working environment

Green Office® Spring is focused on the comfort of its occupants. In the main lobby, the use of natural light transmits a natural energy that is enhanced by the elegant interior. Further inside, a 100-metre-long interior walkway, which sources its light from the patios, provides access to all the service areas. The geometric shapes of the ceiling serve as “visual breaks” and contain sound-absorbing materials to further improve the building’s acoustic comfort.

The secondary lobbies facilitate pedestrian access and are designed in the same way. Staff are encouraged to use the central staircase regularly to save energy. It offers an abundance of natural light.

Patios and planted terraces

Green Office® Spring fosters users’ performance and well-being. The patios and planted terraces attractively blend the outside with the inside and provide unmatched views.

planted terrace at Green Office Spring. Credits: Illusio

A host of amenities

Green Office® Spring Origin, with a net floor area of 33,000 m², features:

  • A staff canteen and cafeteria able to serve 1,500 meals a day.
    • Canteen with seating capacity of 480
    • Cafeteria with seating capacity of 100
  • Wi-Fi in the lobby, interior walkway, cafeteria and canteen.
  • 493 parking spaces for cars and 30 parking spaces for two-wheelers on two underground levels.
  • 105 outside parking spaces.
  • Covered outside parking area with parking for 72 bicycles, with changing rooms and showers.

Spring’s cafeteria. Credits: Illusio