Green Office® Spring


Located in Nanterre, west of Paris, Green Office® Spring was designed by architecture firm Quadrifiore. This positive-energy building boasts fully flexible work spaces to adapt to users’ requirements. Spring is available in three different formats: Spring Origin, Spring Extend or Spring Advance. Whichever format the occupant chooses, the building will offer the same high standards of comfort and energy efficiency. Green Office® Spring is governed by the same guiding principle: to enable the tenant to reduce the environmental footprint, while maximising comfort for employees. 

_Key Figures

  • Spring Origin Surface

    33,000 m2 net floor area

  • Spring Extend Surface area:

    36,000 m2 net floor area

  • Spring Advance Surface area

    44,000 m2 net floor area

  • Spring Origin Handover date

    Q1 2017

  • Spring Extend Handover date


  • Spring Origin Workstations


  • Spring Advance Workstations


  • Green Office® Spring Effectif total

    2 775

  • Estimated production

    840,000 kWh per year


  • Architect
    Jean-Claude Di Fiore
  • Urban developer


Spring Origin is the first building in the world to obtain an Outstanding rating in the design phase under 2009 BREEAM International certification. The building gained 100% in all BREEAM credits for energy, transport and management – an all-time first!

Green Office® Spring Origin also achieved a High Performance score for 7 HQE® targets (out of 14): integration, worksite, energy, water, waste, maintenance and water quality.

_Localisation et desserte


Located in Nanterre, west of Paris, Green Office® Spring is part of the expansion of the Rueil-sur-Seine business district, which is home to 200 major companies, including the new headquarters of BNP‑Paribas Assurance, as well as of Schneider Electric and Total

Rueil-sur-Seine is easily accessible by car and very close to the main business districts west of Paris, including La Défense. Located between the A86 motorway and the River Seine, two major levers of economic development, the site is also well served by public transport. The building is close to the RER A rapid transit rail line, which connects with all the main hubs in the Paris region. 

The 39 kilometres of recently developed embankments along the River Seine border the Île des Impressionnistes – providing a breath of fresh air for the future users of Spring.

Easy access a priority

Green Office Spring® gained all the possible credits for transport under BREEAM certification because it is easy to access by RER rapid transit rail line, bus, car and bicycle. It will feature 72 parking spaces for bicycles and cyclists, who will have access to changing rooms fitted with showers. The building is only 9 minutes’ walk to the RER railway station along a specially designed walkway.