Architecture of Green Office® Rueil

Bioclimatic architecture

The bioclimatic architecture of Green Office® Rueil favours natural light. Mainly north, north-east and north-west facing, the façades featuring blinds offer a good balance between natural light and thermal comfort, in summer and winter alike. The building’s curved shape and the wide offices also favour natural light in all work spaces. What’s more, Green Office® Rueil features a rainwater recovery system

Green Office Rueil,  a building in synergy with its environment. Credits: Atelier Bilto Ortega

An ideal working environment

Green Office® Rueil is focused on the comfort of its occupants. It is divided into two separate buildings and boasts two spacious lobbies linked together by an interior walkway. Two sets of three lifts take users to all the office floors. Staff are encouraged to use the pleasantly designed staircases, some of which enjoy an abundance of daylight.

With more than 2,000 m2 of office space on each floor, the office layout is extremely modular. The building’s curved shape provides 18-metre-wide floor plans which are bright and airy for maximum well-being in the workplace. Ceilings are 2.70 to 3 metres high, enhancing the sense of space. 

Lobby. Credits: Wilmotte & associés

Office space that combines well-being with light. Credits: Wilmotte & associés

Facing the town and the natural environment

Green Office® Rueil is perfectly integrated in its environment. On the northern side, the more angular façade is facing the town. The curved side, which boasts two planted courtyards, faces the future green walkway which will run along the Rue des Deux Gares. 

The green corridor and alley form a curved green screen that give the building its wave-like shape, thus strengthening the link between Rue des Deux Gares and Place Robert Schuman. Credits: Atelier Bilto Ortega

A host of amenities

  • 14,500 m² of private space for the West building
  • 2,700 m² of shared service space, accessible by the occupants of both buildings:
    • staff canteen
    • cafeteria
    • conference room
    • fitness centre
    • hairdressing salon
  • 257 parking spaces for cars
  • 48 parking spaces for two-wheelers
  • A 172-m² bicycle parking area

Staff canteen. Credits: Wilmotte & associés

 2,700 m² of shared services accessible to all. Credits: Atelier Bilto Ortega