Green Office® Meudon

_General Presentation

Delivered in July 2011, Green Office® Meudon, just south of Paris, is the first large-scale positive-energy office building in France. Designed by Ion Enescu from the architecture firm Ateliers 115 Architectes, the building was sold to Scor and let to Steria, the European leader in IT-enabled business services. Green Office® Meudon heralds a new generation of positive-energy buildings. 

_Key Figures

  • Surface area

    23 300 m2 net floor area

  • Workstations

    1 250 workstations

  • Handover date

    July 2011

  • Production

    64 kwh/m2/an

  • Consumption

    62 kwh/m2/an


  • Architecte
    Ion Enescu (Ateliers 115 Architectes)
  • Tenant
    Steria France
  • Investor
  • Owner's project manager HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification
    Tribu (Alain Bornarel)


From concept to reality: more energy produced than it consumed in its first year

Consommations énergétiques annuelles Green Office Meudon

The SI@GO software application measured Green Office® Meudon’s energy production and consumption after a year in operation.

  • Energy production: 76.9 kWh/m²/year (compared with 64 kWh/m²/year initially projected).
  • Total energy use: 70.8 kWh/m²/year (compared with 62 kWh/m²/year projected).

10 years ahead of Grenelle environment summit requirements

Green Office® Meudon uses 30% less energy than the most energy-efficient HQE® (High Environmental Quality) buildings on the market. This is equivalent to energy savings of 65% compared with a building that complies with the 2005 thermal regulations. 




Located in Meudon-la-Forêt, Green Office® Meudon is only 20 minutes from the centre of Paris. The building is easily accessible from transport networks, while offering a pleasant working environment. It is in the immediate vicinity of Meudon forest, Vélizy technology park, which is home to major companies such as Alcatel, Alstom, Bouygues Telecom, Dassault Systèmes, France Telecom, Nestlé and Thales, and the Vélizy 2 shopping centre.