Energy performance of the Green Office® Meudon building

Using mainly renewable energy, Green Office® Meudon produces more renewable energy than it consumes for its operation on an annual basis.

Reducing energy consumption

The bioclimatic design of Green Office® Meudon is centred around natural ventilation, which eliminates the need for energy-intensive air-conditioning and takes advantage of the weather outside to optimise the inside temperature. Priority was given to passive systems, including automated vents on the façades, no false ceilings in order to benefit from the thermal inertia of the concrete structure, automated external sun shades, etc.

Energy management system

The building manages its resources and consumption in real time in accordance with weather and occupancy conditions. The goal is to significantly reduce energy consumption across the board: 

  • 100% of offices in direct daylight with dimmable low-energy lighting and presence detectors,
  • LED lighting with timers and presence detectors in the rest of the building,
  • blinds on the façades controlled in accordance with hours of sunlight,
  • heating, automated vents and circulating fans controlled by temperature sensors and in accordance with the weather,
  • water management with sensor taps in the bathrooms.

Walkways of Green Office Meudon. Credits: Vincent Fillon

The building therefore constantly manages hundreds of parameters and the Building Management System (BMS) monitors the technical installations to ensure the comfort of occupants. The BMS informs employees each day about how to save energy and controls energy use and production using more than 250 measurements.  

Renewable energy production

Photovoltaic panels 

Green Office® Meudon has 4,200 m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof, skylight, façades, blinds and car park shelters. Its annual energy production totals 490,000 kWh (originally estimated at 450,000 kWh) and is sold in full to the lease-holder.

Green Office at Meudon. Architect: Ateliers 115 ; Credits: Vincent Fillon

Cogeneration plant

The cogeneration plant includes an engine/generator unit which supplies power and heat simultaneously. It runs on pure rapeseed oil sourced from farmers in the Paris region and covers 100% of the building’s heating needs and 55% of its power needs.

Rape seed oil. DR


Summary of Green Office® Meudon’s consumption by type of energy use after one year in operation

  • Heating: 53%
  • Office equipment: 14%
  • Lighting: 13%
  • Car parks: 7%
  • Ventilation: 7%
  • Utilities: 3%
  • Lifts: 2%
  • Cooling: 1%
  • Circulating fan: 0%

Consuming energy differently

Making staircases appealing

Staircase with green wall. Credits: Graphix Images

A huge green wall encourages staff to take the stairs rather than the lifts...

Energy Performance Contract

Green Office® Meudon incorporated the first Energy Performance Contract (EPC) signed with a private partner. Under this nine-year contract, building operator Exprimm undertakes to guarantee Steria, the owner, all the operating and maintenance costs, as well as energy consumption and production levels, in accordance with predefined conditions of use and occupancy. Energy performance is calculated according to 40,000 parameters.

A software solution to assist with EPC management and green lease


Designed especially for the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) concluded with Green Office® Meudon, the SI@GO software application analyses the building’s energy production and consumption in real time in terms of use and location. 

Centralised management system SI@GO


SI@GO performs three main tasks:

  • records the building’s energy data every 15 minutes, i.e. 50 million data items per year for Green Office® Meudon,
  • presents the data clearly and understandably to all stakeholders for smooth management of the green lease,
  • produces a monthly report, which is used in meetings to track whether commitments are being met under the EPC.