Architecture of Green Office® Meudon

Bioclimatic architecture

The bioclimatic architecture of Green Office® Meudon favours natural ventilation and natural light. All the offices boast direct daylight thanks to the north/south orientation, 13.5-metre-wide office space and optimised glazed surfaces (40% glazed/60% non-glazed). This ensures a perfect balance between natural light and insulation, while enhancing occupants’ comfort.

Optimised glazed surfaces. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architectes ; Credits: Graphix Images

An ideal working environment

Green Office® Meudon does not just target energy performance. Through the choice of materials, the use of natural elements and the organisation of work space, Green Office® Meudon is focused on the comfort of its occupants, offering:  

  • natural ventilation,
  • optimum use of natural light,
  • high-performance acoustic insulation,
  • no enclosed work spaces (offices, meeting rooms, etc.),
  • huge lobby, patios, wooden terraces outside.

All the offices let in direct daylight to stimulate occupants and offer pleasant views outside. The use of oak windows and shutters provides a relaxing environment and employees enjoy a peaceful view onto the forest. For optimum acoustic comfort, acoustic panels are used in each section of offices and sheets of recycled glass feature in the lobby.

Open-plan office spaces. Credits: Graphix Images


"You wouldn’t think so, but three-metre high ceilings change everything. The building is very comfortable, light and airy,” says a Steria employee.

Offices in direct daylight at Green Office Meudon. Credits: Graphix Images

Green wall and external terraces

The 7-floor-high green wall brings nature right into the heart of Green Office® Meudon. Employees can have lunch outside on the 500-m2 landscaped patio on sunny days. The wooden terraces, accessed from the fifth and sixth floors, provide 600 m2 of space for employees to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

Green wall in the large lobby. Credits: Graphix Images


  • 1,170 m² for catering, including a staff canteen with a landscaped terrace and VIP rooms
  • 770 parking spaces on three underground levels
  • 40 charging stations for electric vehicles
  • 162 outside parking spaces with a photovoltaic car shelter
  • 76 bicycle parking spaces
  • 600-m² rooftop terrace
  • Sheltered landscaped patios accessible from office floors
  • Terraces accessible from the fifth and sixth floors
  • Changing rooms and showers on the ground floor

One of the outside terraces at Green office Meudon. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architects; Credits: Vincent Fillon

A question for Ion Enescu, Green Office® Meudon’s architect

What makes Green Office® Meudon so important from an architectural standpoint?

“First of all, the building is well-oriented to the cardinal points and the sun. Second, full use has been made of space to maximise the number of offices exposed to direct daylight. And lastly, we chose materials that are widely recognised for their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness: concrete for its thermal inertia, wood because it offers good insulation and photovoltaic panels, which give the whole building an original architectural style.”



Aerial view of Green Office Meudon. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architectes; Credits: Jean-Lou Peyromaure