Life in the building

  • Olivier Vallet

    CEO, Steria France

    It didn’t take long for our people at Steria to feel at home in the Green Office® building and to appreciate it. ...
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  • Brenac & Gonzalez


    The location and landscaped design of this Green Office® carries on Châtenay-Malabry’s tradition as a ‘garden town’. ...
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  • Eric Mazoyer

    Deputy CEO, Bouygues Immobilier

    Your employees need energy to perform in their jobs day after day. ...
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  • François Pacoureau

    Director of Purchasing, Property and General Resources, Steria

    “Green Office® is true to its promises. The building produced a surplus of energy, proving that it is indeed ‘positive-energy’. ...
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  • Cédric de Lestrange

    Director, Commercial Property Users, Bouygues Immobilier

    Companies choose to relocate for several reasons – to bring together office locations, respond to mergers or restructuring, reduce the workforce and office space, develop a common corporate culture o ...
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  • Hervé Marseille

    Senator and Mayor of Meudon

    Green Office® is one of the first practical outcomes of the Grenelle Environment Forum. It is a sign of civilisation, of deep commitment on the part of high-profile companies. ...
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  • Ion Enescu

    Architect, Green Office® Meudon

    I came to Green Office® with the idea of a bioclimatic design that would make maximum use of natural light and ventilation to reduce energy consumption. ...
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  • Emilien Maudet

    Energy engineer, Steria

    Green Office® gives us unrivalled control over our energy-intensive facilities. ...
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  • Alain Bornarel

    Co-manager of Tribu, a design firm specialising in sustainable development

    Green Office® marks a major break with the standards for office buildings. It proves that offices can be built differently, with an energy saving of 60 to 70%, without sacrificing user comfort.
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