Energy performance of the Green Office® Châtenay building

Using mainly renewable energy, Green Office® Châtenay will produce more energy than it will consume for its operation. The energy produced by the 400 m2 of photovoltaic panels will be consumed by the building.

Energy management system

The building will be able to manage its resources and its consumption in real time in accordance with weather conditions and staff present on site. Lighting use will be controlled by a system of presence detectors. The goal is to drastically reduce energy consumption across the board.

The building will therefore constantly manage hundreds of parameters and the Building Management System (BMS) will monitor the technical installations to ensure the comfort of occupants. The BMS will inform employees each day about how to save energy and adjust energy use and production

Pooling energy within the city block

Not only will Green Office® Châtenay produce its own energy, it will also consume less energy thanks to an innovative energy pooling system dubbed Smart Grid®. Smart grids help generate additional energy savings by transferring energy between offices, shops and housing units.

The entire city block will be provided with ground-source heat collectors – around 50 boreholes to a depth of 100 metres will draw energy from the ground. These systems use heat pumps to meet the block’s requirements for heating (building heating systems and some domestic hot water) and cooling (for offices and shops, as well as IT equipment).

In winter, for instance, the housing units will be supplied with heating and hot water, while the refrigerant recovered from the heat pumps can supply cool air for the IT infrastructure in the offices.