Architecture of Green Office® Châtenay

Bioclimatic architecture

The bioclimatic design of Green Office® Châtenay favours natural light sources. A mechanical ventilation system, optimised glazed surfaces and wooden and aluminium window frames strike a perfect balance between natural light and thermal comfort all year round. The building will also harvest rainwater to water the gardens and supply water for the bathrooms.

View of Green Office® Châtenay from Avenue de la division Leclerc. Architects: Brenac & Gonzalez; Credits: Michel Montagut

An ideal working environment

Through the choice of materials and the organisation of work space, Green Office® Châtenay is focused on the comfort of its occupants: 

  • radiant panels ensure thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as office lighting,
    windows can be opened for users’ comfort,
  • low-brightness lighting,
  • motorised roller blinds on the façades, etc.

Featuring 3-metre ceilings and flexible partitioning every 1.35 metres, Green Office® Châtenay offers extremely comfortable and fully modular work spaces.

Landscaped areas 

A landscaped patio at garden level and private terraces located on the top floor will provide pleasant open-air meeting spaces.


  • 98 underground parking spaces, including 9 for electric vehicles
  • Patio at garden level
  • Changing rooms and showers on the ground floor
  • Private rooftop terraces

“The location and landscaped design of this Green Office® carries on Châtenay-Malabry’s tradition as a ‘garden town’. The building’s architecture is seeking to convey not only a high-tech image for maximum environmental performance, but also a fusion of nature and architecture. 

The corrugated aluminium exterior wall cladding catches the light, contrasting with the large green wall which changes with the seasons. This emphasises the building’s main entrance. On the top of the building sits a large frame featuring a photovoltaic ‘frieze’ which draws attention to the whole building. This has become a new standard-bearer for sustainable architecture, symbolising a high profile and a distinctive identity,” explain the architects Brenac & Gonzalez