Green Office® Rueil News

Unilever has laid the foundation stone of its future headquarters, Green Office® Rueil.

On 6 September 2012, Bruno Witvoet, President of Unilever France, Eric Mazoyer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Immobilier, the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Patrick Ollier, Mayor of Rueil-Malmaison, cut a ribbon symbolising the future Green Office® Rueil, which will house the future headquarters of Unilever in France by summer 2014.

Green Office® Rueil, view from Place Robert Schuman. Architect: Jean-Michel Wilmotte Green Office® Rueil, view from Place Robert Schuman. Architect: Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Green Office Rueil was designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who said the following: "Green Office® Rueil, thanks to its architectural, technological and environmental strengths combined with the well-being that it will offer, is a cutting-edge building that allies technological performance with architectural style."

Bruno Witvoet, President, Unilever France said: "We are proud and happy with this project that strengthens our ties with Rueil-Malmaison even further, particularly as this new Green Office® Rueil headquarters is intended to reflect our commitment to the local community. In 2011, Unilever was awarded the FIR VIGEO 2011* prize in recognition of its responsible governance policy. Today, via our plan for a sustainable way of life, we believe that this success is an encouragement to treat our workforce, customers and the planet in which we live according to rules of conduct that meet the highest possible standards."

The 4,000 m² of photovoltaic solar panels fitted on the roof will generate energy to offset consumption that will be twice as low as that of the first positive-energy Green Office® building, handed over in Meudon in July 2011, for the same regulatory usages (namely 20.2 kWh per m² per year produced versus 20 kWh per m² per year of final energy consumed). 

This low level of consumption results from the building's tailored bioclimatic design and the techniques used (maximum use of natural sunlight thanks to the small widths of office spaces, optimised lighting, slabs fitted with cooling and heating networks, use of the concrete's natural inertia, installation of geothermal systems, etc.). 

In addition to the very comfortable work spaces, particularly in terms of acoustic, thermal and lighting quality, Unilever employees will have access to a whole range of services, such as a staff canteen, a cafeteria, concierge services, conference rooms, a gym and a hairdresser's.