What can Green Office® do for you?

The advantages of Green Office® for users

For companies, a Green Office® building is a choice for the future and for today. Looking ahead, Green Office® meets growing concerns among companies and their employees for the community and society. Positive energy also translates into major savings on building charges, while boosting the comfort of employees.

Green Office® Rueil, a positive-energy office building designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Credits: Wilmotte et associés 

Lower energy bill

Bouygues Immobilier offers a comprehensive package which includes rent and guaranteed savings on building charges in order to reduce users’ property costs. Green Office® buildings provide the assurance of lower energy charges. This innovative energy management strategy involves calculating the consumption of a Green Office® building upstream of occupancy, incorporating building operating charges (heating, ventilation, lighting, etc.) as well as users’ daily energy consumption (IT, office equipment, etc.). Software analyses the building’s energy consumption in real time and your building charges are guaranteed by Bouygues Immobilier. An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is then concluded with Aveltys®, which is owned by Bouygues Immobilier and Schneider Electric.

Green Office® buildings also produce their own energy from renewable sources. These positive-energy buildings even produce more energy than they consume.

Well-being in the workplace and performance

The vast office spaces of Green Office Meudon. Credits: Graphix Images

Designed with user comfort in mind, Green Office® buildings feature a host of pleasant common areas and meeting spaces which promote friendly exchange, including wide patios, planted terraces and gardens. The location and layout of the buildings encourage soft transport, with bicycle parking, charging stations for electric vehicles, public transport nearby, etc

Cycle parking, Green Office® Meudon. Credits: Vincent Fillon

Green Office® buildings foster performance and well-being. Their architecture enhances the status of your company and offers an ideal working environment for your employees. Staff enjoy vast office space with a strong emphasis on natural light and ventilation. What’s more, each employee can directly manage their own comfort settings by adjusting the lighting or heating from their workstation. 

The common areas of Green Office® Meudon. Credits: Graphix Images


A cornerstone of your CSR strategy

Green Office® buildings leverage your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and give your company a dynamic, state-of-the-art image. They testify to your commitment to the environment and the improved working conditions of your employees.


    • Olivier Vallet

      CEO, Steria France
    • It didn’t take long for our people at Steria to feel at home in the Green Office® building and to appreciate it. Together, we are learning how to be environment-friendly and make better use of our resources in our daily life and work. We had no hesitation in choosing Green Office®. As a company we are committed to sustainable development. With Green Office®, we are practising what we preach.
    • Eric Mazoyer

      Deputy CEO, Bouygues Immobilier
    • Your employees need energy to perform in their jobs day after day. Imagine if that energy came primarily from their workplace… The pioneering design of Green Office® provides your employees with the space, light, functionality and comfort they need every day. Because performance goes hand in hand with well-being.
    • François Pacoureau

      Director of Purchasing, Property and General Resources, Steria
    • “Green Office® is true to its promises. The building produced a surplus of energy, proving that it is indeed ‘positive-energy’. The other revolution brought about by Green Office® is the Energy Performance Contract (EPC). In a traditional building, you get the bill at the end of the year and that's that. Here, we get together with the operator, Exprimm, every month to review our energy use. It means that we can take prompt action and that everyone feels involved in the life of the building.”