What can Green Office® do for you?

The advantages of Green Office® for local authorities

There are a host of advantages for local authorities which approve the development of positive-energy Green Office® buildings. These include showing tangible support for sustainable development, attracting businesses to their town or city and anticipating forthcoming environmental regulations. 

Green Office® Rueil, view from Rue des Deux Gares. Architects: Wilmotte et associés

Major commitment to sustainable development

A Green Office® building is a high-profile showcase of a municipality’s environmental strategy. Using mainly renewable energy, these positive-energy buildings actually produce more energy than they consume. 

A Green Office® building helps to satisfy the requirements of Agenda 21. This action plan for sustainable development, ratified by more than 170 countries, encourages local and regional authorities to act at their level alongside local partners (businesses, residents and organisations). 
Anticipating future thermal regulations and certified to the most exacting standards (HQE® High Environmental Quality, BBC-effinergie for commercial buildings, BREEAM, etc.), Green Office® buildings are a guaranteed long-term solution. 

Attracting businesses

Despite declining demand in the commercial property market, large companies are always looking for new office locations. Whether they are seeking to rationalise work space and costs, respond to restructuring or invest in future offices, major groups can count on Green Office® to meet all their requirements. Positive-energy buildings provide an innovative combination of energy performance and user comfort, helping to attract businesses to the municipality.
Large companies such as Steria France, the European leader in IT-enabled business services, and Unilever, a global agrifood giant, have both chosen to locate to Green Office® buildings near Paris in Meudon and Rueil-Malmaison, respectively.
Green Office® Meudon, owned by Scor and let by Steria France. Architect: Ateliers 115 Architectes; Credits: Graphix Images

Smartgrid. Credits: Bouygues Immobilier photo library


Forward-looking urban development solution

Producing their own energy from renewable sources (solar, geothermal, biomass, etc.), Green Office® buildings blend naturally into larger urban development projects which involve pooling energy on the scale of a neighbourhood.
These smart grids use cutting-edge information technology to manage and optimise electricity production, consumption and distribution at neighbourhood level. Energy can be transferred between offices, housing and shops in the same neighbourhood to meet buildings’ individual needs. Several smart grid projects are currently under way, in Châtenay-Malabry or Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris for example.
Green Office® Châtenay. Architectes : Brenac & Gonzalez. Crédits : Michel Montagut.

The expertise of a recognised property developer

Each new Green Office® project is backed by the expertise of Bouygues Immobilier and its partners. Bouygues Immobilier has been committed to  a proactive sustainable development policy since 2006 and is now a benchmark in the area. Inaugurated in 2011, Green Office® Meudon was the first large-scale positive-energy office building in France.
Since then, Bouygues Immobilier has built up its expertise in energy management solutions at neighbourhood level through innovative projects such as the Ginko eco-neighbourhood in Bordeaux and IssyGrid®, France’s first neighbourhood smart grid.
For sustainable urban development, each neighbourhood, city or region has its own set of specific requirements and potential strengths. Bouygues Immobilier addresses these in detail before designing and developing any new project. In Bordeaux and Issy-les-Moulineaux, for instance, Bouygues Immobilier established dialogue with all the different stakeholders in the municipality in order to move forward together.



    • Hervé Marseille

      Senator and Mayor of Meudon
    • Green Office® is one of the first practical outcomes of the Grenelle Environment Forum. It is a sign of civilisation, of deep commitment on the part of high-profile companies. We are proud that they have chosen Meudon.
    • Alain Bornarel

      Co-manager of Tribu, a design firm specialising in sustainable development
    • Green Office® marks a major break with the standards for office buildings. It proves that offices can be built differently, with an energy saving of 60 to 70%, without sacrificing user comfort.