Effective green value

A building's effective green value may be defined as the net value generated by better environmental performance, including not only energy performance (consumption levels) but also materials used, access to soft mobility, integration into the local community, waste management, etc. Effective green value is increasingly taken into consideration when valuing an asset for it has many implications, including :

  • making the asset more attractive and easier to sell,
  • better functionality, hence less tenant turnover and less risk of vacancy,
  • greater user comfort, improving occupants' well-being and productivity,
  • increasing the value of the asset, thus justifying higher rents,
  • lower operating costs, etc.

A building's effective green value depends on three key factors :

  • the intrinsic quality of the building itself (bioclimatic design, compliance with environmental standards, etc.),
  • good operation by the manager (for example, via an Energy Performance Contract),
  • appropriate behaviour by users.