What’s a Green Office®?

Green Office® buildings – comfort and low energy consumption

Green Office® buildings combine comfort and energy performance. These positive-energy buildings are designed for the well-being of users every day of the year.

One of the office spaces of Green Office® Meudon, designed for the well-being of its users. Credits: Graphix Images

Positive-energy buildings

Green office®: “Generates more than it consumes”. Credits: Atelier Bilto Ortega

Green Office® is a Bouygues Immobilier registered trademark for a new generation of positive-energy buildings. Green Office® buildings offset regulated energy use each year by producing renewable energy. To achieve this goal, Green Office® buildings are designed with three core priorities: 

  • reduce energy needs through bioclimatic design and use techniques and equipment that are recognised for their energy efficiency
  • offset energy consumption by producing renewable energy (using solar thermal panels or photovoltaic panels, heat pumps or cogeneration, etc.).
  • track and guarantee the building’s operating charges.

Green Office®: From concept to reality

 Annual energy consumption at Green Office Meudon

Bouygues Immobilier pioneered the sector with the inauguration in 2011 of the first large-scale positive-energy office building in France –Green Office® Meudon. An extremely ambitious project, this state-of-the-art building produces more energy than it consumes. After the first year in operation, the energy production and consumption of Green Office® Meudon were calculated, showing that energy production significantly exceeded consumption. In one year, the building actually produced 76.9 kWh/m² and consumed 70.8 kWh/m², compared with a projected 62 kWh/m²/year.

In 2011, Green Office® Meudon won a Pyramide d’Argent award for innovation from the French Property Developers Federation (FPI).

Green buildings in harmony with their environment

Green Office® buildings are adapted to the bioclimatic conditions of each site (climate, sunlight, orientation) in order to significantly cut energy consumption. Depending on the building and its surrounding environment, several energy-saving techniques and equipment are used.

  • Maximising access to natural light by using floor plans that are not too wide together with large glazed surfaces.
  • Optimising the use of sunlight through the façades, favouring north, north-east and north-west orientations, which let in natural sunlight without requiring protection from the heat of the sun.
  • Mobile sun-shades, which block out the sun in summer and reduce cooling consumption. During winter, they can let in extra sunlight.
  • Reducing energy consumption through the thermal inertia of the building structure and the use of thermo-active slabs.
  • Using photovoltaic panels to produce electricity.
  • High-performance acoustic and thermal insulation of façades.
  • Geothermal energy and heat pumps.
  • Decentralised ventilation systems to capture air directly from the façades.
  • Water management: rainwater recovery.
  • Vegetation suited to the climate.

Green Office Rueil is a building in synergy with its environment. Credits: Atelier Bilto Ortega

Focus on comfort in the office

The green staircase of Green Office® Meudon. Credits: Graphix Images

Green Office® involves users in reducing energy consumption via a number of basic eco-gestures. In return, they get a natural and authentic work environment that guarantees their well-being and performance.

  • Natural light is systematically favoured to offer occupants a stimulating source of light. This is achieved through floor plans that are not too wide and have direct exposure to natural light.
  • Lighting is also designed to save energy, while ensuring maximum visual comfort. Individual workstation lighting systems are used, together with presence detectors.
  • Circulation space and meeting and leisure areas are carefully designed and include planted terraces, gardens outside offices or patios with green walls for greater well-being in the workplace. The 7-metre-high green wall at the centre of Green Office® Meudon provides a -beautiful natural setting and encourages occupants to use the large central staircase.
  • Thermal comfort is optimised. The optimum use of outside conditions – sunlight during the day and cool air during the night – combined with a thermo-active slab system, for example, helps to make subtle adjustments to the inside temperature throughout the entire year.
  • Acoustic comfort is ensured by the presence of acoustic panels. 

The thermo-active slab system used by Green Office® Rueil is effective in satisfying daily thermal requirements: Credits: Atelier Bilto Ortega

Individual comfort management

Inside Green Office® buildings, each employee is responsible for their own comfort and can directly manage their working environment from their workstation, including lighting, heating or air-conditioning, blinds on windows, etc.